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Midas Touch
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Have you ever wondered when will you be able to touch and actually feel virtual objects on your skin while gaming or watching a movie?

The answer is: Now.

MekaDermis is a startup company focused on delivering cutting-edge haptic feedback devices. Midas Touch platform allows simulating virtual surfaces on user's skin, augmenting/manipulating emotions by emulating human muscular responses against varying sensational stimuli and conveying information by touch channel. All you need is to wear Midas Touch on your hands or sit on your favorite chair with Midas Touch module.

Touching is an essential part of human perception. Our superior haptic actuators provide the best touching experience for everyday activities such as gaming and cinema. Furthermore, Midas Touch lays a solid foundation for haptic content developers in gaming, film, education and medical industry.

Currently, haptics is a market which shows similar characteristics to VR prior Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. MekaDermis Team envisions the huge impact which will be done by haptics in the following decade and claims to become leading biomechatronics corporation globally. Our design policy ensures demonstrating the great potential of haptics by merging both engineering and aesthetics.

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